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A Wastewater Reclamation Facility Serving the DeKalb, Illinois area since 1928.

Annexation and Annexation Fees

Petitions for Annexation

Annexation fees are charged on new property being brought into the DeKalb Sanitary District. The annexation fee does not apply to current users. Petitions for annexation are approved or denied by the Board of Trustees. If approved, annexation is accomplished by the passage of an annexation ordinance at a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Requirements for Annexation

The owner of property that is contiguous with District property may petition the Board of Trustees for permission to annex to the District and receive its services. In some situations pre-annexation agreements to allow service to a property that lies close to but not contiguous with District boundaries are also possible.

Annexation Fee

The fee for annexation is $3,000 per acre.

Questions about Annexation?

Contact Mark Eddington P.E., District Manager at 815 758-3513 for more information about annexation and pre-annexation requirements and procedures.

Other Fees

Plan Review Fees

Connection Fees

User Fees